Polaris Screen System

Space Saving

Metal Halide Lamp

Screen Stretcher/ Coater/ Dryer/ Exposure/ Inspector

Mirror Finish Reflector

Single Phase, Plug And Play

Digital Light Integrator

Castor Wheel For Easy Mobility

Highly Stretchable Vacuum Rubber Blanket

Min. - Max. Frame Size 16"" x 16"" OD (41 cm x 41 cm) to 34"" x 40"" OD (86 cm x 102 cm)
Power Supply 208-230 V AC, 1 Ph, 16 Amps, 50 Hz
Total Power Consumption 3.8 kW
Screen Frame Thickness 1.0" - 1.5"
Mechanical Stretcher / Tension Meter
Max. Tension Permitted 16 to 20 Newtons (Depending On Fabric)
Emulsion Coating Stand & Trough
Coating Trough Length With 2 End Cover 23"(58 cm)
Screen Dryer
Auto Switch-Off Timer 1 to 30 Mins.
Max. Heating Capacity 45° C
Power Consumption 2.6 kW
Screen Exposer
Exposing Lamp Metal Halide - 1000 Watts
Power Consumption 1.2 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.5' (L) x 4.5' (W) x 7.0' (H)/ 126"" (L) x 54"" (W) x 84"" (H)/ 320 (L) x 137 (W) x 213 (H) cm
Weight 10.5' (L) x 4.5' (W) x 7.0' (H)/ 126"" (L) x 54"" (W) x 84"" (H)/ 320 (L) x 137 (W) x 213 (H) cm

No expensive air compressors required, no electricity required

Quick fabric locking for faster setup

8 adjustable stretching knobs enables to maintain proper tension on wrap and weft

Adjustable clamping device stretches min 16” x 16” to max 34” x 40” OD frames

Tension meter helps to stretch fabrics to its optimum


Unique spring loaded clamp holds the screen firmly to avoid shake while coating and saves on additional person to hold the screen while coating

Fully anodised coating trough with superior edge quality, obtains smooth emulsion finish, avoids marks and streaks

Adjustable clamping device to suit various screen frame size which also helps turn screen faster for coating both sides

Emulsion coater storage shelf avoids dust and pre-exposure of emulsion


3 screens storage capacity maximizes production

Double wall fabrication with thermal insulation to retain heat and minimize power consumption

High efficiency heaters dries emulsion faster and reduces downtime for additional coats

Horizontal screen drying equalises emulsion thickness delivers better Rz value (Smooth flat emulsion)

Compact low power low noise fans ensures perfect air circulation

Digital temperature controller maintains consistent temperature


High quality metal halide lamp delivers faster exposure, best for dual cure and photopolymer emulsions

Digital light integrator ensures perfect exposure with consistency and repetition accuracy

Highly stretchable good quality vacuum rubber blanket makes perfect contact between fabric and positives for quality reproduction delivers finer reproduction details and produces sharp edges

Mirror finish reflector increases light efficiency

Top cover to avoid light reflection in darkroom thus avoids pre-exposure if coated screens are stored in the same room

Powerful low maintenance vacuum pump for fast production

Gas cylinder for comfortable loading of glass frame


Uniform light provides conveniency in spot touching and screen inspection

Light automatically turns ON when screen inspector pulled out, switches OFF when pushed

Screen inspector mounted on guide rails slide in with screen frame and saves time