Copperhead Rival XP

Squeegee Pressure Patent Pending Equalizer System

Revolutionary printhead technology with auto balancing system

Honeycomb Pallet

Insulated special rubber coating to minimize heat loss for better print quality

Design & Construction

Heavy-duty welded steel structure

Quality Inside and Out

With easy retrogression feature, multiple layers of ink deposited for high definition

Precision Matters

Innovative indexing mechanism with an accuracy of +/-5 microns

Print Stack Mode

Stacks layers of ink for HD & speciality printing

Fully Loaded

16+ features and everything you wished for in one machine!

Max Print Head 10
Max. Stations 12
Standard Pallet Size 19 x 29" / 48 x 74 cm
Standard Image Size 18 x 20" / 45 x 50 cm
Standard Frame Size (OD) 23 x 33” / 58 cm x 83 cm
Min. Frame Size (OD) 20 X 20" / 50 x 50 cm
Screen Frame Thickness(Min. - Max.) 1.0" - 1.5"
Built-In Plugs Connect Flash Cure Units 4
Electrical Specifications* 400-440 V, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz, 4.12kW,6 Amps per phase
Air Consumption Max. 7kg/cm2 , 80 Lit/min per head
Squeegee Rubber Specification 9 X 50 mm
Total Machine Height 90" (7.5')
Base Dimension L x W (In Feet) 1690 x 1548 (In mm), 5.5’ x 5’
Machine Diameter 176.3” (14.7’ ft)
Total Machine Weight 1796 kg

Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation

Control center

Icon-based digital touchsreeen control panel

Multiple (1-9) print stroke capability

Provides control of multi-print functionality

Real-time production data

Optional foot pedal allows operator to skip printing on a particular pallet

Independent print-start/print-finish setting automatically activates and stops printheads at the beginning and end of screen printing runs

Onboard self-diagnostics

Production speed monitor ensures more accurate job cost estimates

Built-in flash connector controlled by touch screen display

Print stack mode for HD and specialty printing available

Design & construction

Test print setting turns individual printheads on/off during test print cycle

Printheads and pallet arms provide the stability necessary for exceptional screen print quality

Built of heavy-duty steel and premium components

IR lamp power in the flash cure units are adjustable to save energy costs and avoid excessive heat on the pallets

Index system

Press indexing parameters are quick and easy to adjust for various pallet sizes

Servo drives combine higher screen printing press speeds with exceptional smoothness, consistency and longevity

Laser locator system

Assists operators in the precise positioning of garments and cut pieces


Tool-free four-corner off-contact settings allow fast and accurate screen leveling

Pallet system

Tool free quick release pallet locks


Lightweight sandwich honeycomb alumnium, rubber-coated screen printing pallets


Low maintenance electric drive motors provide exceptionally smooth print strokes

Independent print/flood speed controls on each printhead simplify press setup

Squeegee print stroke can be set front-to-back or back-to-front

Independent print controls on each printhead

Multi-print option with or without head lifting


Compatible with Tri-Loc and Tri-Sync registration systems

Rear micro-registration

Enhanced front micro-registration adjustments with visual guides

4 point registration system provide consistent accurate set ups


Automatically operates individual printheads in programmed sequence and allows flashing without losing a screen printing position

Touchscreen display with simplified programming provides easy setup of the Revolver Sequencing Program

Screen clamps & holders

Adjustable rear screen holders accommodate a wide variety of screen sizes

Pneumatic clamps hold frames tight and allow for rapid screen loading. Manual safety knobs save registration in the event of pneumatic air loss

Clamping system holds roller frames without special adapters

Squeegee holder

Squeegee holder can be quickly installed with a locking pin

Helps prevent thinner water-based and discharge inks from flowing into the image area


Angle and calibrated pressure adjustments are independently set

Independent squeegee & floodbar speed adjustments

Visual reference marks every 5 degrees simplify squeegee/floodbar angle adjustments

Front or rear print carriage stop position allows operator to leave screens clear or flooded (great for water-based inks)

Squeegee pressure regulator on each printhead offers exceptional control of print pressure

Stroke length adjustment

Tool-free stroke length adjustment maximizes screen printing speed

Warranty, service and support

24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year

Parts & supplies are available online at

Access to M&R’s Training Center

1-year limited warranty